Referral Program - Pix by Brian
For every referal that I get paid from, the person that referred me will receive an Amazon gift card.

I would very much appreciate a referral to your family and friends! In an effort to facilitate this, I am offering a referral incentive.

For every referral that results in a successful session, I am offering an Amazon gift card (amount depends on the type of session). When I get paid, you will too!
For example: Scott refers me to Jennifer for family portraits. Jennifer contacts me and we make an appointment to get her family portraits done. After I get paid from Jennifer, Scott recieves a $25 Amazon Gift card.

Gift cards depend on the photo session:

  • Graduation: $10
  • Prom: $10
  • Individual Portrait: $10
  • Couples Portraits: $15
  • Family Portraits: $25
  • Weddings: $50
  • Events: $5/hour that I charge for
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